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Cosmetics Order

How to save time ? Save yourself going back and useless, no missing product ...
From your home, office ... you send us your order. We prepare everything for you and get it ready for delivery at the requested time(it can be lunch time for convenience). You just have to show the original order at the time of pick-up.

Helpful Tips:
Always include a legibly printed name and phone number for us - this will ensure that we can contact you with any questions and get your order processed as quickly as possible. Leave us your details and we will notify you as soon as your order is ready.

The preparation is free. You do not pay when you order, only at delivery !

You have 3 solutions :

1 - Fax
you send us by fax your order (please click here)
to the (00) 33 1 45 44 27 30.

2 - Email
you send us by mail your order (please click here) to :

3 - Online form
Fill out the form. all fiels are required. Leave us your details and we will notify you as soon as your order is ready.

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